Saturday, April 2, 2011

Leafy Greens Made Easy

Leafy greens can be very intimidating. How do you cook them so they are crunchy and sweet, not limp and sour? Kale, swish chard and spinach can be very temperamental, so the best way to cook is a "saute/steam" method so they dont get water logged or burnt.

In a saute pan heat 1/2 inch of water and put desired leafy green into the water (or a combo of greens!) The water will heat up and steam the vegetable, but the pan will also saute the vegetable without scorching it. Wait until all of the water has cooked off. (For crunchier veggies pour out existing water or use less to begin with)

I like adding roasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds to my kale to give it an extra kick. (Put seeds in the skillet before you cook the vegetable, no oil or salt. Heat and stir every 30 seconds. You may hear them pop as they get golden brown! Remove from pan before adding water and cooking vegetable. Use these to top your dish off as a granish!

These recipes don't need any butter/salt/olive oil/or any other seasoning ... they are naturally pure and delicious!


  1. Oy...remember when our neighbor (was his name PONG?!) gave us tons of kale and we had no clue how to cook it?! Glad you've found a way to make it tasty...I'll have to try it!

  2. Oh and by the way...a woman that used to work here at the Boys & Girls Club also blogs about her adventures in clean eating. Thought I'd share her blog with you as well incase you're interested in reading hers!

    :) Caroline