Sunday, April 3, 2011

I am obsessed with... COCONUT WATER!

Recently coconut water has been a treat for me. The convenient store right by my place has over ten varieties, so I find myself stopping before heading to work to grab one to fuel up!

Coconut water is great for hydration and replenishment, and is recommended for people with high cholesterol. However, be on alert. Some brands have flavors now (passion fruit and mango), which is great when they actually use the real thing, but impostors are out there- adding sugar, flavors and colorings to the glorious coconut water.

So drink up, but make sure every ingredient is the real deal!


  1. Hi Kate, my name is Mario and I am from California. I wanted to stop by and say thanks for adding me on FB. I don't have much experience with coconut water but I will take a closer look now. You are so right, many memories and traditions revolve around food. It is that concept that prompted me to start writing. I write a blog on Food and Relationships. Please stop by. Maybe Comment. Maybe Follow. Thanks

  2. What brand do you recommend? I've tried a couple of plain coconut water brands, and to be honest, I can't quite force it down (and I love coconut!). Do you know the brands that do flavors but are natural?

  3. Hi Kate! I love Zico when I am drinking just the "natural" flavor. I find it is just think enough so I know it's not water, but smooth and fresh enough that it doesnt taste articicial.
    For the flavored types I like Vita Coco. They have a great peach and mango flavor that is made only with coconut water, mango and peach puree and vitamin c! Very natural!

  4. So, I've decided I like the Vita Coco brand better than the Zico. I feel like the Zico has a more pungent/salty you ever find that to be the case? I'm a big fan of the Vita Coco though...a lot smoother taste and their pineapple flavor is great. The best part...any of these drinks are only 2 points on Weight Watchers!! :)