Monday, August 15, 2011

A Twist on Summer Salads

Summer is a time for fresh ingredients... I am talking about those crisp herbs, flavor packed tomatoes, juicy corn and crisp green beans. My garden is in full bloom, so I am trying to use many of my veggies fresh from a block away or from the farmers market.

This salad was so easy to throw together: I toasted some sesame seeds, chopped cherry tomatoes and cut up some fresh green beans. Make a light dressing of olive oil and sesame oil. Toss and sprinkle with the toasted seeds- Yum!

My garden is busting to the seams with orange and red cherry tomatoes. I sliced those up and tossed with parsley and basil. I added some fresh sweet corn (I steamed for about 5 mins to bring out a bit more flavor). I added some red onions finely chopped and dressed with salt and pepper with red vinegar.

What are some other easy, simple salads you make in summer?


  1. so jealous you have a garden!! I need to plant one next summer. Those tomatoes look delicious!

  2. They had a great article in the Boston Globe about summertime cooking. Check out these yummy recipes: