Monday, May 23, 2011

Tea Time

Two months ago I officially dropped coffee from my beverage repertoire. Honestly, I thought it was going to be a bad break up, but really it was only two migraines and a slight tug at my heart strings when I walk by a Starbucks. However, I have not been dehydrated... I have a new beverage relationship... with tea!

Since I now drink tea several times a day I realize that quality is so important. So here are a few of my favorite brands and flavors:

Tazo Tea-  The full leaf tea bags are amazing; you really notice the difference between the full leaf compared to finer ground teas. These tea bags can also be used for 2-3 cups in 1 sitting, since they are so fresh. Some of my favorite flavors are any of the three green tea varieties. 'Aawake' is their black tea and is great for a burst in the morning. My all time favorite is the Vanilla Rooibos. Add a drop of honey and its a great afternoon snack.
Yogi Tea- I try to drink a cup of their ginger tea each day. The tricky thing about any ginger tea is brewing for too long and leaving a bitter taste in your cup. If you want to make your own ginger tea bring 3 cups of water to a boil with a 3 inch piece of ginger root (take off the outer skin before putting it into the pot). Brew for 5 mins.
Teavana:  Mate/Rooibos blend is so smooth, but really expensive. This is my "treat" tea. I brew it in their signature beehive pot. Yum!

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